UK rock band Everafter burst onto the East London scene in Autumn 2010. Formed from the ashes of another band, brothers Alexis Daperis (lead vocals/guitars) and Stefan Daperis (bass/backing vocals) and their friend Tim Wiltshire (drums) launched the three-piece power rock group, Everafter. By February 2011 the first gig was booked at The White Hart Hotel in New Cross, South London. Over the next few years Everafter honed their live performances by playing key venues in London, including Water Rats in King's Cross, The Half Moon in Putney and The Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow. It was over this period that Everafter wrote the songs and defined the set that would become their debut album 'Everything Is One'. In September 2013 the band were signed to independent label Hummdrumm Records. The band’s main influences include Nirvana, Metallica and Green Day. 'Everything Is One' also benefited from the production prowess of the Grammy nominated Chris Tsangarides, who was also a fan and produced luminaries like Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Following the release of the band’s first album and a succession of gigs, Everafter played a show to the inmates inside Wormwood Scrubs prison, London.

In 2019, with new drummer and friend Ivan Sheppard, Everafter recorded their second album titled ‘Remember’. The band moved into a heavier direction with the latest studio recordings and the album showcases the strength and diversity of the band's song writing. This time Everafter collaborated with producers Raz Olsher, Andrea Gottardo and the late Chris Tsangarides to create a powerful ten track album, paving the way for the band’s place in rock history. In July 2020 album number two was released and the band incorporated the new songs into their set and received airplay on TotalRock Radio and Trust The Doc Radio Show on Exile FM.

In January 2022, Everafter recorded their brand new single ‘ASAP’ with producer Matt Williams at Soundlab Studios in Debden. Once again the band created a heavy sounding hard rock track and were really pleased with Matt’s production – the song was released and is available for streaming. In January 2024 Everafter returned to Soundlab Studios to complete a four track EP titled ‘Born To Rock’ with their producer Matt Williams. Hummdrumm Records will be releasing limited edition vinyls for the EP. The guys are now incorporating new material into their set and have their sights on recording album number three.




Band Members:

Alexis Daperis – lead vocals/guitars

Stefan Daperis – bass/backing vocals


Written by Ronny Anderson – Hummdrumm Records